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Monday, August 5, 2013

Thoughts on my Mission

So this will be my last entry in Argentina, and I have served as a missionary for more than two years. Throughout my mission, I have:

- been assigned to six areas, within the zones Santa Fe, Paraná, Rosario Norte, Pergamino, San Nicolás, and Entre Ríos Este.
- lived with many different missionaries from different countries, including Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Guatamala, Chile, and the United States.
- eaten lots of Argentine food with numerous families :).
- had to handwash my clothes often and sometimes live without hot water and sleep on a mattress on the kitchen floor.
- had so many different experiences.

That last bullet is maybe the most significant for me. Throughout my mission, I have leared so much! Even without going to school, the experience of living in another country and serving as a missionary has influenced my life greatly. I hope to take the good knowledge and experience back with me. 

I also want to thank everyone who has sent me mail! Honestly, cards are great for missionaries. I appreciate the time any of you took to write me :).

As my mission comes to a close, I will experience different emotions. I have spent time with so many different people down here, and it has really impacted me.  I will maybe cry a lot; some of these families I may never see again! Some of you will see me when I come home! I hope you are all doing great.

Simply put, my mission has changed my life. 

Thanks again for everything,

Elder Jones

Editor's note: His homecoming talk will be on August 25th in Champions Ward, 9:00am block!