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Monday, October 17, 2011

Rory's Third Week in Argentina!

1) Testimony Meeting. I forgot to write about this last week, so here it goes. Here in Argentina, they had testimony meeting the week after General Conference, instead of the week before like in America. So it was my second Sunday in my Spanish Ward, which is totally awesome by the way! Anyways, so there was like a 30 second pause in the meeting when nobody went up to share there testimony. I already knew the Bishop pretty well at this point, and something funny happened. Since nobody was coming up, the Bishop just pointed at me in the congregation and motioned me to come up and share my testimony. Everyone saw it, so I didn´t really have a choice. Plus the Bishop is cool, and I want to work hard for him. So I went up, introduced myself, and bore my testimony of the Savior and the Book of Mormon. It actually went pretty well, even though I had some grammar errors :). The people said that they understood me. I´m just glad that the bishop pointed at me like that cuz otherwise I probably wouldn´t have gone up and had the great experience.

2) Teaching people English. This is really fun, and since some of my current roommates are from chile or columbia, I get to teach them some English. They teach me so much spanish that it´s the least I can do for them in return. Anyways. It was really funny one night when we were teaching the vocab of stuff in a bedroom. We were teaching Elder Artunduaga how to say ¨"blanket," "bed," "window," and other stuff like that, and then he would tell us how to say them in Spanish. Anyways, when we were teaching him, something really funny happened. We taught him the word¨"sheet," and every time he said the word it sounded like he was swearing. It was really funny. He wasn´t doing it on purpose or anything. Plus we mispronounce spanish words all the time. Now i can understand why people laugh at me sometimes. It can be really funny. He would say "Sha--EE--tt."

3) WASHING CLOTHES BY HAND TOTALLY STINKS! I spend almost 2 1/2 hours this morning doing laundry. All I got done were all my socks, two shirts, and three sets of garments. It´s a total pain in the butt, but that´s just how it goes haha. It is part of the experience. We buy this special soap and then have two bins. One for washing and one for rinsing. You have to scrub soo much to get all the dirt off stuff and to make the clothes smell clean. It´s all good though. I just really appreciate washing machines now haha.

4) BAPTISMS!!!! We have two baptisms scheduled for a week from this Saturday. This is so exciting for me, especially since I´ve been able to teach them about the restauraciĆ³n and other parts of the gospel. I will give more information next week, when I know more about what will happen exactly. We have been to their house and taught them both three times so far. They are brothers and sisters, one at the age of 14, and the other 9. The mom is a member and has been helping us along. I´ll be sure to tell more soon!

5) Juice. The juice here is absolutely amazing. This might sound insignificant. Well, it kinda is... But everything tastes homemade! You gotta love it. If any of you come down to argentina, be sure to try all the different types of tangs and juices !

6) Rory the Chef. You guys all know how great of a cook I am hahaha NOT. Anyways, being the great chef I am, I decided to make a pizza. I usually have something simple like eggs, pasta, or ramen, but I decided to go out on a limb and try something new. BAD IDEA. I thought I know what I was doing, but I ended up burning about half of the crust, which basically ruined it!!! If you ripped off the burnt parts, it still tasted pretty good. I´ll just have to try again sometime soon. The members keep giving me tips and stuff, which is awesome cuz they can all cook so good!

Nos vemos en the semana que viene!

Elder Jones

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