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Monday, April 30, 2012

Una Semana Bastante Buena

Hello Everybody!

Hey, so we had an incredibly busy week here in Fisherton, Rosario, where tons of missionaries came to visit, went home, or started the mission just after finishing the MTC. Almost every day, morning or night, we had tons of people here in the offices for interviews, training meetings, councils, and even for lunch. The days flew by, taking me for a spin and giving me a headache every once in a while! Right now, I serve as the main driver for the mission home! Cool, huh? I already have a lot of practice with stick shift and never kill it anymore! I really enjoy driving and liked it before the mission too. As tons of people arrived and left from Rosario, I drove to the bus terminal five times and also went to run some errands for the president. :)

We also don´t have tons of time today. We had to drive two sister missionaries to the bus station, from which they would head on home. In the morning, I worked on some data sheets for the upcoming mission council and put together the weekly powerpoint presentation. After all of that, we finally made it to the grocery store, Koto, which is really similar to Walmart and really nice for Argentina. Kinda pricey too. Right now it is three o´clock, and we are about to leave and play ping pong/soccer at a nearby church since this is our only free day. We will leave in about five minutes, so I will type as much as possible with my current time. When we finish playing, I will write a bit more if possible. It has just been a hectic but good week!

Alright, we just got back. Since I have little time, the main highlight of the week, all transfers and mission home duties aside, would have to be the baptism we had this past Saturday. Marcelo and Brandon had listened to √Člder Benson and I for about seven weeks before making the important decision. He is about 45 and his son, Brandon, is eight years old. We all had a great time during each visit, and Elder Benson and I would pass by their house about three times a week. Their mom, a soccer player who likes to cook, grew up in the church. Obviously, she already knew most of the lessons but didn´t really help out often. In the end, she ended up coming to church again and loved the baptism. I will attach a photo that hopefully makes it to you guys. Tonight, just to celebrate a little bit, we are going to cook tacos for them at their house and eat fried cake. I can´t wait, and we have to go and start preparing. Sorry for not writing very much; next week I should have more time.

We are in a threesome for three weeks. To get trained on how to do all the government document stuff in centro takes about three weeks. If the papers get messed up really bad, a missionary could have to go home. So the president always makes sure the new secretary has a really good grip on stuff before the old one goes home. Sometimes the training goes for six weeks. We will just have to see how fast and how comfortable the new secretary is with everything with time. He is cool.

As far as speaking English versus Spanish in the pench, we probably do about half and half. If a native is with us, we will usually speak in Spanish just so they can be included. Other than that, a lot of the time we do just speak in English b/c we can express ourselves a little better. :) It is also nice to have reached the level where all of us can communicate pretty well in Spanish!

I feel old sometimes, and other times I feel super young. It just depends on who I am around. When the brand new greenies come from the MTC, I feel like a grandpa. But when I am just around Elder Benson and some of the other guys, I fell really young! They go home in July 15, before I even hit my year mark. I studied SO MUCH at the beginning of my mission, and it has helped a lot. I will tackle "Jesus the Christ" in Spanish pretty soon :)

Like always, thanks for everything you guys do for me, both through letters and prayers. Hopefully my package will come by my birthday on May 17th! I have grown on my mission and recently finished nine months! That´s so crazy. The time goes by really slowly some days, but others . . . not so much haha. Transfer weeks are just a little hectic, both inside the mission home and even in the field. Once again, things should slow down a little bit and get into a routine again with time.

I hope you all are doing great.

Talk to you later,
Elder Jones

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