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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

El Repaso de Elder Rojo (Elder Rojo´s review)

Well, we have had another decent week. I actually have quite a bit to say. Anyways, here we go. :)

Mechanical Engineering! The VW van we drive here in the mission home has gone many months unattended. Unfortunately, this happens quite often in the mission because missionaries know they will leave/switch areas soon, so they don´t fully take care of apartments and other appliances. Elder Camacho and I decided to apart some time to tidy things up. Even if we leave in just a few months, it will be nice to have everything in good condition and repaired. :) With this attitude in mind, on Saturday morning we took the van into the shop and explained the problems we had both found to the mechanic. We needed all of this repaired:

Headlight. For as long as I´ve been here, one of the headlights hasn´t worked, leaving us with just little light while driving at night.

Two Breaklights. At least one of the three worked... We still definitely needed to get the other two replaced.

Spare Tire. One of the tires drove over a nail many months ago, so the missionaries took it off and attatched the spare wheel, supposedly a temporary fix. We have driven on the spare tire for almost four months--including before I even arrived at the offices. I hadn´t even noticed, to be honest, but Elder Camacho (kah--motch--oh) and I decided to get it changed as soon as possible.

Quick Inspection. This isn´t an official inspection like those back home, but the mechanic did a quick run through over all the main parts of the van, verifiying that everything funcioned at least reasonably.

Then we drove back to the misison home to show the improvements made. The other missionaries excitedly look it over. They liked it, and now we drive a lot better and safer. Before, we didn´t really stick out on the road very much since many cars have problems here, but it was still great to get it repaired. I can´t wait to take care of my own car one day in the future!

Funny and quick story. Elder Artunduaga, one of the assitants and the companion of Elder Bruin, had a great idea: hide his companion´s package and eat some of the candy from inside it. He knew where Elder Bruin had hidden his package in the offices, so it was going to be perfect. This package is filled up with many candies and other special goodies from the states, by the way! So one day, Artunduaga left the dinner table running and shouting, "I´m going to eat and hide your candy, Bruin!" As he turned the corner and left the room, the smile on Elder Bruin´s face quickly faded as he jolted up from his seat and started sprinting after Artunduaga, half jokingly but legitimently worried at the same time. haha. This is just part of the office drama :). All the rest of us just stared at each other in silence for a few seconds after the chaos. We heard some more screaming and footsteps, and after looking at each other, we all decided to get up and make our way to the offices. When we arrived, Elder Artunduaga had pulled out a peanut butter and a box of pepto. haha. Elder Artunduaga is from Columbia, where Pepto-Bismol doesn´t exist, so he assumed it was candy just like everything else in the package!!!! Elder Bruin continued to play along as if he was worried that Arunduaga was going to eat his "precious" candy, which was exactly what Artunduaga wanted. Finally, Elder Artunduaga broke free from all of us and ran away a litte bit. He opened the pepto box and took out like six circles, popped them in his mouth, and started chewing! He thought they would taste like skittles, but after two bites, his face completely changed to an expression of disgust. We laughed SO HARD while he spit everything out in the trash can! hahaha. So much for a great joke. It kinda backfired. Here with our routine schedule, we get kinda bored sometimes. So this was really funny!! :)

I was about to start my cultural note, but we are super busy today. It´s transfer week! Ahh. Old missionaries are having their ceremonies today and getting ready to go home. New missionaries are coming in from the MTC on Wednesday. All of the trainers will arrive in a few days, and we still have all of our regular duties. SUPER BUSY. It should be good, though. I will keep you all in my prayers and try to write a few letters today. I love the mail from all of you guys. I will write a lot next week. If there is a little more time later today, I will write the cultural note! Thanks!

Elder Jones

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