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Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Missionary Message

Wahoo, another week down! Grandpa and Grandma Jones, thank you so much for your letters. I enjoy reading them every week and hope you guys enjoy mine. You always give me a good sports update, which gets me pumped :): Thank you so much! Alright, due to litte time, here goes the list:

Word of Wisdom Lesson. Alright, so Araceli (Ahh-rah-cell-ee) helped us out this past week by finding a new person to teach about the gospel. Her name is Laura, and she lives just around the corner from Araceli´s house, which is about a 20 min walk from the mission home. Araceli has attended church for the last five months, like a pro, and already seems like a regular member. The new missionaries won´t recognize her as a recent convert, which will be pretty cool :). Due to her help, we had a great lesson about some of the basic church principles. Laura, the friend who wanted to know more based on the changes she had seen in her friend, had many questions in regard to the Word of Wisdom. While explaining everything, we all sipped some herbal tea and ate crackers. Though it might sound a bit weird, almost all the people here chat over tea and crackers. Alongside the crackers, we ate bread dipped in special caramel sauce. In the middle of the lesson, we started talking about how we should strive to eat healthy food and avoid certain substances. Right as Elder Hull was sharing a personal experience about the benefits, Araceli took a huge bite into a spoonful of caramel! Everyone there, including Laura´s dad who arrived late (he had some interest too), started to laugh due to the rather ironic situation. Everyone was eating liquid caramel and white bread in the middle of a lesson about how to eat better and take care of our physical bodies. It was really funny. You probably had to be there, but in the middle of a scripture that had to do with eathing good foods, one of them slapped a huge glob of caramel on some bread and downed it like a little kid eating a Twinkie :) All in all, we taught the principle well and had a great lesson. It was just really funny, and the during the next lesson that we had later that week, everyone ate apple slices and drank a special fruit drink, kinda as a joke. Overall, it went well, and we are glad to have a new investigator since they are hard to find here in our current area.

Elder Allen. He served as my zone leader in ParanĂ¡. When I came here to the offices, he finished his mission and went home. So he has enjoyed being home since last March. Anyways, long story short, he is getting married on Sep. 28, in a mere four days!!!! He just recently went home, and it felt weird to see his wedding announcement.  A few months ago, he lived with me and walked the streets of ParanĂ¡ as a Zone leader. Now he is Junior companion with his wife. Haha! Sounds like he did some solid contacts during his first few months back home :).  Anyways, I thought I´d pass along the info.

Cultural Note. Alright, so here in Argentina, they have what´s called Dulce de Leche, which basically translates into candy milk. Extremely popular and eaten regularly, I tried this treat my first week in Argentina and have eaten it at least once almost every week on my mission. Some families make it together in large quantities, whereas others just buy it regularly from the store in containers. It is a mixture of butter, cream, sugar, and milk. Real healthy, huh? haha. The best comparison I can think of would have to be the caramel you dip apples into sometimes. It is pretty thick, though, and tastes great. People here normally drink mate (remember, that was another cultural note) and eat small pieces of bread covered in dulce de leche, or liquid caramel. It sounds really weird, but everyone loves it here. AHH, I thought of a good comparaison. They use it just like we use peanut butter, so you get a better picture. Just type "dulce de leche" on google images, and you will see a bunch of pictures. Though less common in the states, everyone eats it here on almost a daily basis. It can be used as dessert too, after a big meal at night.

Alright, that´s the message for this week. I have some more to say, but we are going to play tennis again. Wahooo. I might as well take advantage while possible :). 

Elder Jones

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