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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week 3!

Hello Everybody!

Once again, I'll try to say as much as possible to let y'all know about what's going on here at the MTC, and I'm going to include something a litte different: a bullet list. Hopefully this list will help me share a bunch of random information in just a few words. I thought this will work well since I have so much random stuff to tell you guys. Here it goes!

- The weather here feels great. It's warm during the day but nice and chilly at night
- There is this "interesting" elder on my floor who has 3 pounds of peanuts. Kinda weird. haha He's still cool though :)
- I usually play goalie in our soccer games, and gym time totally rocks. Whenever they schedule us indoors, I usually play volleyball or basketball!
- The Average Polynesian missionary weighs 290 pounds! The average weight of all missionaries is around 160 :). One of my teachers is Samoan, and he teaches so well! He knows spanish, samoan, and english. So basically, he is a total beast. He knows so much about the gospel and the language and always helps us when we need it. His name is Bro. Talitiana!
- On P-days, we get to sleep in until 7:30! I know what you're thinking, but it's totally awesome and feels so nice after getting up at 630am every other day of the week :)
- Serving as district leader has been exciting, busy, and thrilling
- I need to work on my soccer skills more before heading down to South America, and some of the other guys who play soccer in my zone have shown me some moves. haha
- I see so many people that I know either from college or from my good old hometown, Spring, TX.
- My departure date changed to 9/26!
- I have to shave almost everyday here. No more goatees for me. haha.
- I miss playing ping pong and tennis, but it's all good.
- The wraps here are my favorite food to eat for lunch
- It's getting hard to spell words in English, which is kinda weird. I guess it's a good sign, though. Hopefully my emails/letters make sense :)
- Apparently Jeremiah 4:19 describes how you feel sometimes after eating food in some foreign countries. Look it up if you want more information!
- There are over 100 washers in the laundry room.... It's pretty intense
- We perform an hour of service every Wed morning. The last few times, we've done landscaping and and cleaned the inside of some of the buildings.
- P-days feel like vacation
- I really enjoy reading all of the letters from you guys. I try to write everyone back on P-day! :)
- I won a handstand contest in my district!
- The creamery ice cream tastes so amazingly good here, just like it always does
- Many of the missionaries here have incredible personalities, especially since they come from all around the world, each with their own cultural background--sister missionaries included :)
- In one of our spanish/gospel classes, the teacher quoted Cecil Samuelson, the BYU president. I pumped my fist and shouted "Yeah, Cecil!" but none of the other missionaries knew who he was cuz they had attended different universities! Anyways, it was just funny cuz everyone stared at me awkwardly. It's all good though :)
- I had a great time going to the Provo Temple.
- Guess what? I saw Bishop Andrus just outside the MTC a few days ago. Those of you who were in the same BYU ward as me will know how cool that was :)
- There is a nationally recognized dancer in our zone. He's ridiculously good.
- One of my roommates worked as a lifeguard for four years, just like me!
- Different teachers came into our classroom and basically demonstrated different accents/types of spanish one day. It was really interesting, and the accent of Argentine spanish sounded really cool! The examples of Spanish from the Dominican Republic and from Mexico were cool too :)

And that's all I have time to write. There are so many other random facts about my life here, but I though these were the most interesting. You guys are the best. Please send me letters if you have time :)

Your Missionary,
Elder Jones

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