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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another Solid Week

Hola! Cómo están uds?

He aprendido muchas cosas sobre Español, y tambien voy a usarlas en Argentina eventualidad. El Evangelio de Jesucrito es verdadero y una bendicion para nosotros. Todos los misioñeros en mi distrito iremos a Rosario en cuatro semañas. Es chévere, no?

haha. Hopefully that all made sense. I know that my Spanish is far far from perfect, and I don't know if Gmail will send all the accent marks. Oh well. Anyways, I should probably get started. I don't really know exactly what to talk about this time, so it might sound a tad random. Still, there are a bunch of experiences and things worth telling you guys. So here I go. :)

First off, I'll talk about mis maestros (my teachers). We have two main teachers who instruct us almost everyday: Brother Reading and Sister Curtis. Brother Reading, or Hermano Reading as we know him, is really cool. His parents both grew up in Panama, so he has a pretty solid native accent even though he grew up in California. He is about six feet tall and loves soccer. He goes to BYU, just like all of the teachers here, and he served his spanish-speaking mission in Arizona. He teaches w/a really chill personality but still always makes sure we are learning and paying attention. Side note: we think he might have just gotten engaged cuz we caught him with a ring on his finger one day and he seemed really excited and happy, but he won't tell us anything until the last day of class. Whenever, I or anyone else in the class asks him about BYU sports and stuff, he doesn't tell us either. He just smiles and says "What's BYU" or "Sorry, I forgot." haha. It makes sense b/c it would distract us from our work, so I guess it's a good (but still kinda lame) rule.

Alright, like I said, my other teacher is Sister/Hermana Curtis. Guess what? She is actually taller than Brother Reading! She is about 6'2" and has a kinda funny and animated personality. She plays volleyball a lot, and it's really cool b/c she can imitate a lot of different Spanish accents. She served in Chicago, so she was exposed to three ro four different types of Spanish, depending on her area at the time. You can tell that she puts a lot of time into her lessons, and she really really wants us to learn the language. "Necesitan hablar su Idioma" is her favorite phrase. :) Basically, she teaches really well, just like Brother Reading. IDK which one I like better. They're both great for different reeasons. We also have a few other teachers who only teach like once a week, but I don't have time to talk about them. One of them is Samoan and his name is Brother T. His is super cool!

Man, I was gonna talk about a bunch of other stuff, like the cafeteria layout, firesides, devotionals (Cecil Spoke Recently!), residence room pranks, etc. This week I want to have more time to write specifically to my family :). So I'll feel you guys in with more details soon.

O, and thanks again for all of the letters! I've written back a least a short message to everyone who has sent me a letter. So if you didn't get one back from me, that means Rowan Jones got your letter and didn't write back haha. With my new name as "#Rory Jones," I've gotten all my mail and had no problems. Thx again guys. It's great to here from Y'all. For those of you starting BYU this coming week, GOOD LUCK! I'll be right across the street :).

One of the Lord's Servants,

Elder Rory Jones

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