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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crazy Week!

Hola, Otra Vez!

I couldn't decide what to focus on this week b/c so much has happened. So, as you might have guessed, it's bullet list time again. Here it goes:

- 23 días más until my departure to Argentina. I'm excited, nervous, pumped, and a little sad b/c the MTC is so incredible and I've learned so much here.
- I scored a goal in soccer this week! Since we've playedalmost everyday up here, I've improved from the status of "Horrible" to "Decent" haha.
- Elder Holland spoke at the last devotional. Like always, he spoke with authoritative and motivating power. He covered many topics, some of which were God's love for everyone, the purpose of missionary work, and the power of an apostolic witness when it's guided by the spirit. Basically, he just totally dominated and inspired us all to work harder. He is definitely one of my favorite speakers. Es una bestia (He's a beast).
- President Sanches, the Branch President of our zone, called a new district leader about a week ago to serve for the 2nd half of our time here. I enjoyed serving, but it's nice to have less meetings and a break :)
- The elder on my floor who had 3 pounds of peanuts and a HUGE sombrero left last week. He was kinda weird but still a really funny guy, so we miss his personality.
- My district is the second oldest in my zone now! It's been exciting, especially since we are almost the oldest vets in our area :)
- I'll get to be a host my last two Wednesdays here by ushering new missionaries into the MTC and helping them out their first day. I still remember who my Host was six weeks ago. He was cool and left for Madagascar like four weeks ago haha. I think I wrote about him in my first email home but don't remember.
- We got a new teacher, Sister Salazar! Her Spanish sounds really cool and is apparently really similar to what we'll speak in Argentina. We don't know here very well yet (She's only taught twice) but she seems pretty cool.
- I can communicate in Spanish kinda well with my teachesr and other missionaries. The hard part is understanding everything the fluent speakers say. It's definitely tough, but it's exciting to see our progress.
- I can't believe BYU started last Lunes (monday)! Go Cougs!
- Some really funny pranks have happened in the dorms. I would tell you about them if there were more time. :)
- Hmmm, what else....
- I write in my journal only in Spanish now!
- Kyle Collinsworth was here, but he just left last week or so. Cool, huh?
- An elder here has gained 25 pounds in four weeks! If you come to the MTC, make sure to not use the buffet that much haha. Some people grow spiritually as well as physically here. Hopefully it's never at the same rate, or you'd be gargantuan when you leave for your field of service :)
- I love the updates form you guys. Thanks for the letters. B/c of you letters and info, I know that BYU will beat Ole Miss this weekend! Hopefully. But seriously, it's great to hear form y'all.
- Right now, we're studying the subjunctive tense in Spanish. It's can get a letter crazy, especially since this tense doen't exist in English. We're slowly learning it though.
- And thanks for all of the support, encouragement, and prayers. In my short amts of free time, I think of you guys.

To conclude, I want to say this: Missionary. Work. Is. Incredible. It's a special work that benefits everyone involved. My testimony of this divine service only gets strengthened, and I can't wait to share the wonderful message of the restored gospel with the people in Argentina. This is is the Lord's work, and it blesses people's lives in amazing ways. Moses 1:39 couldn't have said it better: "For behold, this is my work and my glory--to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." O en otra palabras, "Porque, he aquí, ésta es mi obra y mi gloria: Llevar a cabo la inmortalidad y la vide eterna del hombre."

Well, I have to go. Thanks again for everything guys! I'll write as much as I can next week. Three more weeks until Argentina! Hasta Luego :)

The Lord's Missionary,
Elder Rory Jones

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