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Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Gnarly Week

Hey! I have quite a bit to say. First off, thanks for all of the mail. I received letters from the zone leaders during a training session. It was really great to hear from all of you, especially since it had been like almost a month. Seriously, all of the letters where great. I have a few comments for you guys!

- I cant believe that Thomas S Monson spoke at the BYU devotional. He better come again when I come back haha.
- Dad, you asked about 10-days of work and special pdays. I think they only happen like once or twice a year. There were special circumstances this time because the president had a special meeting in Buenos Aires, so we had to do the transfers early, which is what caused the early pday. Since we had an early pday, we had to work 10 days until the next pday to balance things out.
- Mom, it was great to read your letters too, and the new fridge sounds incredible! I also enjoyed the story about the elders and the hornet nest.
- Grandpa and Grandma Jones, thank you for the updates on sports and everything. Im praying for rain to come in dallas so you dont have those crazy water restrictions. Also, the BYU game in the Cowboys stadium sounds like it was fun to watch on TV.
- And hopefully the NBA will get things figured out too. It would be lame if they dont have a season.
- And I cant believe cameron went to hawaii haha. He sent a letter from hawaii, just to rub it in. That punk haha

Reading all of the dearelders really was a nice treat for me. I would talk more about them, but I should probably write a bit to fill you guys in with the argentine life :)!

Anyways, it has been another pretty busy week, and I have some good stuff to share.

1) Baptism Talk. Some other missionaries who live in my apartment had a baptism. We invited a bunch of our investigators to come, and after planning and getting ready, we went to their chapel to see the ordinance in action. In my area, we use the stake center, which is really really nice. The ward for these missionaries have a much smaller building that kinda resembles a big house. It was a great experience to see the baptism performed by other missionaries. But guess what? While talking to some of the members in the chapel, I saw the ward mission leader from their ward come in. We were still setting everything up, and after talking to him a bit, I found out that everything was great. Well, everything except one thing: the person to give the talk on the Holy Ghost hadn't shown up yet... So guess who got the opportunity? Yep, it was me :) I gave a five minute explanation with testimony tacked onto the end. I was a little nervous since so many people had their eyes glued on me, but it still went really well. I felt great afterwards because many people congratulated me and thanked me for the spiritual thought. Spanish is coming! Im still far from perfect, though :)

2) Parrot. One of our investigators has an argentine parrot that is INCREDIBLY exotic and amazing. It talks in simple spanish phrases too, which is really funny :). I will try to get a picture with it to send you guys.

3) Pizza with Magoli! She is one of our prime investigators now, and we stop by to teach and share a spiritual thought about every other day. In my last email, I mentioned that we had planned to make a pizza together one night. WE DID! Magoli (Mag--oh--lee) and her mom, Monica, helped us. We started from scratch, using flour, oil, sugar, salt, and a whole bunch of stuff. We made the crust, poured on the salsa, loaded it up with cheese, and everything. It tasted amaizng, and when I come home, I will have to make it for you guys. Elder Birky and I are going to try to do it on our own here in the next few days hopefully. We will have to see how it goes without the guidance of the professionals.

4) José y Pedro. They are the two guys we have been teaching for almost seven weeks now. We stop by about two times a week becuase they are super busy. They both play for a club soccer team. Anyways, their mom is a member and has been for 10 years. They have their baptism scheduled from this Sunday. Everything is going great, and the mom is really excited to have shared the wonderful blessings of the church with her family. The Dad is coming around too. At first, he wouldn't listen to us, but with time, we have gotten to be decent friends. He has come to some of the church activities and plans to attend the baptism of his two sons too. We hope he comes around as he sees the positive changes in his family. He loves the food at the Ward activities haha.

5) Still livin on the floor..... :( The offices are still working on a contract and apparently had to switch lawyers or something. We have been told that it will be at least another week or two!! It is definitely a little frustrating, but it is all good. I will be sure to let you guys know if we ever move. If it ever happens, that is. :)

And thats really about it for this past week. It was kinda routine, and I should have some fun stuff to write about next week. Also, Magoli has her baptism scheduled for the week after this one. So if all goes as planned, we will have two baptism weeks in a row. We have worked SO HARD, and I really hope everything goes well. :)

I love you guys! Oh and the whole visa story. Alright, Im gonna need another paragraph haha.

Okay, so you guys kinda already now the story. The "Link" atm machine we use for the mission visa card has never worked with my visa, and we can't figure out why. I even brought my card to a different link when we were in a different area and tried it there. Still no success. Plus Dad has been filling me in with info, and for some reason it is still charging me 2.50, even though it isn't giving me money. This was really FRUSTRATING!!! But I have good news, we came to central today. It is kinda like an outside mall/downtown Santa Fe. It was like a 20 minute bus drive. There was a different bank with a different atm machine here. There are only "links" everywhere buy our apartment. I tried it just to test my luck since it was a different type of machine, and it worked. It has been super frustrating, but at least now I have some personal money.

Thanks again,

Elder Jones

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