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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Special Pday! (Sent Friday, Nov 4)

Hey! We have a special pday today for transfers. This is kinda cool cuz we have two pdays in the same week. It´s also kinda lame cuz next week we aren´t going to have a pday. You know what that means.. My companion and I will work for like 10 days straight until the monday after the next monday! U gotta love it haha. I didn´t get transfered since I´m still in the training program. :) After these next six weeks I will either get transfered or still have elder Birky. Some missionaries are only together six weeks, and other for 6 months. It´s all up to the president! So we´ll just have to see what happens in the future

Anyways, since it´s only been four days, I don´t have that much to say.

- I STILL HAVEN´T GOTTEN MAIL! Man, this really kinda stinks. It has been almost three weeks. Elder Birky told me that it´s just kinda random and depends on when the zone leaders go to the mission home for their meetings. The last mail I got was when dad sent a dearelder about Camille homecoming pics. I still haven´t received the one about the soccer info haha. I¨ll just have to be patient. Elder Birky says that he went 6 weeks once without mail. Other times it has come every two weeks. It just depends on your area, your zone leaders, and on the Argentine mail. Thanks for sending the few photos earlier Mom. I look at them every once and awhile when we have some down time. The people here love photos! They show us theirs all the time haha.

- Guess what? I am writing Tommy, and he has gained 12 pounds in his first two transfers! haha. He is serving in mexico city. Im just glad that my pants still fit. A bunch of missionaries have had to buy new ones.

- It´s getting SUPER hot here! Super super hot.

I don´t really know what else to say. There is a ton of stuff that happens everyday, but it´s usually kinda similar. I´ll try to keep my emails exciting still haha. This next week will be a bit weird since I won´t be able to write until the monday after next monday. I will have had another baptism by then (WHAAHOOO!), which is really exciting. Baptisms have been my favorite parts of the mission. There are so many photos I want to send you guys!

- Also, we still haven´t moved. :( We went and talked to a lawyer, and we finally have everything set. They are making a contract with the offices now. I really hope that we are moved by the time I send me next email. Living out of suitcases has been pretty uncomfortable. At first I didn´t mind, but it´s been six weeks!!!! haha

- Also, sorry I don´t know the exact address of our duplex right now. When we move, I will send you the address though. Elder Birky doesn´t know either, I asked him haha. You guys were right though. More than half of our area is dirt roads. We are in one of the poorest areas of the mission. The heart of Rosario is actually really similar to downtown Houston. My current area, though, is really humble, but the people are SO NICE! There are 13 or so areas in the mission, so I hope to experience almost all of them. Some missionaries change a lot, and some stay in the same area for half a year. I wonder what the lord has in store for me. We´ll just have to find out with time.
- Yesterday, I hit day 100 on the mission. Crazy, huh?

And I guess that´s about it for now. I love you guys. Sorry, I didn´t have as much to say, but it has only been 4 days! haha

Your missionary,

Elder Rory Ballard Jones

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