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Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly Update!

Alright, I have been super busy these past few weeks and haven´t had time to sit down and write a general message to all of you guys. First off, I am doing well. Thanks for all the mail and words of encouragement. It really helps :)

Today, I have a another quick cultural note:

 Colectivos (Cole--leck--tee--voes). Here in Argentina, the majority of people use mass transit to make it downtown, travel between cities, or even just to visit family members who live far away. Instead of using the standard taxi or train, most people take the bus, better know as the "colectivo" here in good ol´ Argentina. These city buses carry about 50 people but sometimes close to 75 or 100 cram into any open space during the busiest hours. However, for the most part, these buses have plenty of empty seats and pass by every 20-30 minutes. 

Guess what? WE take these buses almost every single day! I actually took one from our apartment to the small, little downtown here in San Nicolas. It costs about four pesos, which is less than one dollar, and this converts a 50-min walk into a quick, convenient bus ride. 

We will probably take one back to our area, as well. Many missionaries use them to travel to the outskirts of their areas, especially when they have small towns to visit outside the actual city limits.

Though simple, old, and uncomfortable, these city buses save us time and from having sore feet at the end of the day. I do miss using the family car, but the mission always makes you appreciate the blessings of life we so often take for granted.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks again for everything,

Elder Jones :)

Editor's Note: Elder Jones also wrote this in one of his emails to us:  "We worked really hard this week and almost had the best numbers in the whole mission. My companion and I both know that numbers don´t mean everything, but it is a reflection of how much we are doing! 

But seriously, that is so exciting! (Zach making the Klein High Baseball Team). I can´t believe he made the team; that is so exciting.  If he keeps taking the classes he has, he will make it into BYU too. I hope he does. He is such a beast! Mom, seriously, that was a great letter. 

I would write more, but I already wrote for the blog, wrote president, and now I have to respond about my college courses. I only have a few more minutes. I really appreciate all you guys do for me. Seriously. Thank you for the support and help with college. I was so glad to hear that the college rooming stuff worked out!"

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