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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zone Leader Craziness

Hey, I finally finished choosing my classes and housing for Fall term. What. a. process. haha. It is all good, though, and I should be good to go in August!

I have so much to say and have chosen to dedicate this entry to what transfer week is like as a zone leader. You guys already know the behind the scenes in the offices. Now you will get a look into the behind the scenes as a zone leader who helps and directs 14 missionaries, which is quite the experience. :)


All of the missionaries within the zone who finish their two years of service pack up their bags and say goodbye to members and converts. They knock their last few doors and teach their last lessons, leaving behind the whole missionary experience. From what i´ve heard, it is a pretty emotional, bittersweet experience. These missionaries call me, and we coordinate what to do with their companions. This transfer, my companion went back home to California, and Elder Winger went home to Utah. So I just did splits and worked with Elder Winger´s comp these last few days. The rest of the zone is fine for now.


A normal day of work for all missionaries except those going home and the office elders. Many companionships are modified due to the elders and sister missionaries going home, just like what happened to me :)

Tuesday (special pday)

I come to the computer shack early just to get hte transfer list. It has all the zones and areas throughout our misison, of course with all the changes and suggestions from President. With the updated list in hand, i call all the anxious missionaries in the zone to inform them of any changes. These phone calls are really dramatic by the way, as i´m sure you could imagine! Some elders just stay in the same area with the same companion. Others pack up their bags and travel to another city the very next day! It all just depends on that transfer list. There is a lot of drama sometimes, but it´s fun. So no worries.

In the afternoon, I coordinate the traveling needs and bus tickets with other zone leaders.


The whole mission is chaotic for a couple of hours. We try to coordinate everything well, but there are always problems. Plus a lot of the newer American missionaries don´t know the language very well, so we have to help them out with reading their tickets and everything. I really appreciate what the zone leaders did for me so many months ago. I had know idea they did so much, especially since i remember just getting on a bus and then arriving at my new area with my new companion. Basically, the zone leaders and district leaders have to coordinate really well, otherwise a new American just gets lost somewhere and can´t communicate very well. This happens every once in a while. It is kinda funny to think about, but at the same time it can be really serious. For the most part, everything goes as planned. Well... Most of the time. At least we haven´t had problems in our zone yet :).


All the new missionaries work with their new companions, and the trainers start their programs with the new missionaries.

A ton of missionaries call me since they have questions about the zone, city rules, limits, and just other random stuff!

It should be a good week! I am just really overloaded since I´m working alone without Elder Lemon. He was great, and it was tough to see him go. He should arrive home tomorrow morning, which is crazy for me!

We also have mission council this week, and then there are zone conferences next week. My next companion (Elder Brasher) will be extremely busy! I hope he is ready. haha. 

It is all part of the experience.

I will explain a lot more next week. My time is already spent, and i have to go buy bus tickets and call the other zone leaders.

Thanks for all your support and mail.

Elder Rojo.

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