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Monday, March 4, 2013

Craziest Week of the Mission!

Alright! I have had quite the experience over the last couple of days! First off, I always want to thank people for the letters and other mail. I want to especially thank Shantel Sanders, Kailey Sherman, Kimber (Kimbz) Haner, and Malia Johnson for your dedicated writing skills. You are among the few faithful ones who have written me for my whole mission. Yeah, can you believe it?!!!! That´s a solid 19 months of letters. Wow :). I have tried to write back regularly over the months and hope everything has made it back to you all.

When I come home, it will be great to see you! For those of you going on missions, I will write you during your service over the next year and a half, which will be kinda cool! We will just swap places, and I´ll understand your comments well since your missions should be somewhat similar to mine. Anyone who feels the desire and gets the answer to serve should most definitely go, but I support people who feel differently. The mission teaches you many life experiences, but it challenges you and pushes you to limits, as well. They aren´t easy!!! Yes, they are rewarding, like everyone says afterwards :). At the same time, it is more than just doing home teaching visits. It is solid work for the Lord. 

Just learn about missions and make sure you understand what you´re getting into, especially since it´s a year and a half long. Then do what´s best for you. That´s my summarized advice :).

Anyways, I have a small time slot today to write about my past week. Due to little time, I plan to write a brief summary of each day from the past week! It. has. been. super. busy.

So, here we go!

  • Elder Lemon taught his last lessons with me, and we said goodbye to many members, investigators, and converts
  • He packed his bags
  • I worked temporarily with another Elder in our zone, all the way down here in San Nicolás!
  • We prepared a ton of special reports for the offices, mostly dealing with statistics and numbers from our zone
  • We just worked as if it were a normal work day
  • Special Transfer Pday
  • I had the opportunity to organize transfers between a bunch of other zone leaders
  • Two missionaries finished the mission in my zone, three got transferred to other cities, and three new ones came to join our forces here in San Nicolás!
  • We worked the night like a normal missionary day.
  • Traveling Chaos! That´s just how I´m gonna describe it. I´m sure you can imagine. We have about 220 missionaries in our mission, and about 100 were all traveling throughout our 12 zones. Crazy stuff. This includes new missionaries arriving to the mission home, and all that fun stuff I described back while in the offices!
  • Elder Brasher, my new awesome companion, made it here to San Nicolás
  • Thousands of phone calls. . . :)
  • Worked the night
  • Finally a normal work day with my companion :)
  • Mission Council
  • It took all day, what with all the traveling, meeting, and planning with all the other zone leaders
  • Zone Council, where we relay all of the mission council information to our personal companionships here in San Nicolás
  • Great, busy day
  • Normal work day in the morning
So yeah, I´m completely exhausted and tired. We have done great work though, and our zone is doing well.

We have a zone-wide conference tomorrow. So yep, more planning and traveling!! haha. It should be good, though. I plan to take a nice long nap and act like a hibernating bear this afternoon.

I´ll talk to you guys next week.

Elder Jones

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