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Monday, March 25, 2013

Update from San Nicolás

This past week has really blessed our lives as we´ve continued serving the church down here in Argentina. Elder Brasher and I, along with the constant help from other missionaries in the zone, have had some solid success throughout these past few weeks. As a zone, we have close to 15 people with baptismal dates as well as a handful of progressing investigators!

Wahoo! We have done so well that our mission president approved another special pday! So we decided to watch Madagascar 2 today, which was the first movie experience I´ve had in the last 20 months! Crazy.... Even though it was a silly, animated movie, I really enjoyed watching it and had some good laughs. :) We all put some money together and made eight pizzas, as well! It was a great pday.

Long story short, everyone is extremely satisfied and tired. We have worked incredibly hard these past few weeks, and it felt nice to kick back and relax a little bit today. Whenever the entire zone gathers together, we always have a fun time and get to know each other better.

Elder Brasher and I had close to 30 lessons this past week! We both come back exhausted every night, but we enjoy the work! WE. WALK. A. TON. I will probably start wearing my little pedometer again, just to measure the ridiculously long distance! I think we travel roughly eight miles a day. Most missionaries go through three or four pairs of shoes in my mission. I met a missionary the other day who had gone through five pairs!! I am on my third and fourth right now, after walking on rocky, dirt roads for the past year and a half! haha.

We work hard, help out with the zone, and have our normal missionary responsibilities. Happy and tired, I will keep serving for these last couple of months! I can´t believe that at this time last year I had just entered the mission offices as historian. So I haven´t lived in Paraná (my second area) for more than a year! Time sure flies.

Alright, I really appreciate the letters and support, like always! Guess what? The national mission department changed the rules, and missionaries can now email anybody. Can you believe that? Anybody!!! Instead of just family, you can email any friends, relatives, neighbors, and anyone else you might know. I haven´t decided what to do yet, since I don´t want to just start emailing everyone. I still kinda like the handwritten letters and want to stay focused on my mission :). So for now, I think we will just stay with the written letters. I will be home in a few mere months anyways!

Thanks again for everything!

Elder Jones!

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