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Monday, April 1, 2013

Ten Interesting Facts

This week I´ve decided to share some random, interesting facts about both my mission and my current zone, San Nicolás. Hopefully you enjoy them!
  1. Elder Brasher and I travel to another area within our zone once a week, during which we get to know the missionaries better and learn more about the city
  2. Our apartment has two rooms and a huge kitchen, which is an extremely nice setup compared to most apartments. We have tons of space for just us two!
  3. We have 14 missionaries working in our zone. 10 of them work within city limits, whereas the other four work in nearby towns, just a 40-min bus ride away.
  4. We have transfers every six weeks, or I like to call it, "mission chaos." haha. It is fun, though. Next week we will receive the new transfer lists and find out about the changes across our entire mission. Most missionaries should stay in our zone, including me!
  5. We have lunch everyday with a member family in our area. We enjoy the nice break and get to know the members better too.
  6. I ate rabbit again last week. It is a common occurrence now, but at the beginning of my mission it felt weird. I´m just pure Argentine right now :)
  7. Across the mission field, each companionship teaches roughly 15 lessons on a weekly basis. So as a whole mission, we teach around 3,000 lessons weekly. Cool, right? :).
  8. I described "mate (mah-teh)" in a previous entry. We see that on a daily basis; it is extremely common!
  9. Downtown is covered with small, one-way streets, old buildings, and tons of stores. It has a cool, rustic feel to it.
  10. Right now Elder Brasher and I have 11 people with baptismal dates, and many of them have lessons planned with us this coming week!
The work is hard but rewarding. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve for two years. I am down to the last four months and plan to work hard as if I were new into the field :). Day by day, week by week, I keep the constant goal in mind of sharing the gospel. I know your prayers reach me down here and also help the missionary work around the world. Stay strong, and thanks for all you do!
Your friend and missionary,
Elder Jones

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