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Monday, April 29, 2013

Pushing Forward

So we have had some pretty difficult weeks. We spent almost 75 percent of our time looking for new families to teach the message of the gospel this past week. 

We are trying to find the perfect balance between working with members and finding new people on our own. We knock lots of doors and visit many people. However, we are still looking for golden families. Maybe this week will be the one!

I have also really seen a striking difference on my mission between the active families and the less-actives ones. When someone really applies the Gospel doctrine and teachings, they see the results--sometimes almost immediately.

We have mission council this week. In other words, Elder Braher and I have about four reports/documents to send in to the mission offices. I hope everything goes well. That´s why I don´t have that much time :)

We are doing our best and enjoying the work. 

Thanks for the support.

Elder Jones :)

Editor's note: Here are some questions asked to Elder Jones along with his answers.

What’s going on with your suits?  Are they wearable at all?
-"My blue one is still okay. My black one is pretty much destroyed. I´ve had it forever, though" :)

Did you receive any of the birthday packages yet???  
-"I got one package!!!!! Thanks. I will have a lot more details next week. I should get the other package in a couple of days!

Have you figured out Skype yet or just use the phone for  Mother’s Day?  It will be great to see you and visit with you?
-"We will figure out Skype this week. I will let you know next Monday."

Tell us about Elder Brasher.  Where is he from?  What does he like to do?  Does he have any pretty girls writing him?
-"Brasher is great. He loves sports, especially wrestling. He has a girlfriend that is kinda waiting for him. He is just a great guy and one of my best companions. We are working really hard. He's well-rounded."

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