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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baptisms with Brasher

I have really enjoyed these past few weeks as we´ve worked hard, found many new people to teach, and just had some fun. Among the families within our investigator pool, we have found a young couple that are rapidly progressing! I will give you the lowdown in a few quick paragraphs.

Ángel y Daiana. We found them while contacting about a month and a half ago. They have two young kids, and the youngest walked for the first time recently. After marrying and living together for a couple of years, both of them really wanted to find a faith and religion to help them grow together as a family.

Well, guess what? Elder Jones and Elder Brasher have brought them exactly what they needed! We visit them about three times a week to share some scriptures as well as the basic gospel doctrine. Little by little, step by step, they have learned more about the church and its principles. They showed up to Sacrament Meeting three weeks ago and really had a great experience, especially after getting to know so many families similar to theirs. 

Fortunately, they watched part of general conference with us as well, and we have really discussed the importance of modern-day prophets with them during these last couple of days. Last night, we taught the plan of salvation, really showing them the importance of the family! With such great progress, they have already accepted a baptismal date for the 13th of April, but we will probably move it back just a tad to make sure they are ready. You know, just to make sure. :)

The small changes in their family make all the difference. They try to pray together as a family and read a few verses from the scriptures every night before going to bed. While fulfilling these new family activities, these gospel principles have really started to change their lives and draw them closer to one another and to Christ. 

I really enjoyed the lesson last night, especially after they asked us to baptize them.

After thousands of contacts in the streets, the daily rejections, and the hundreds of study hours, it´s all worth it in the end if we can bring but one soul into the kingdom of God. :)

That´s what we do. That´s why we are here!

Stay true to the gospel,

Elder Jones 

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