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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Help from Members

These past few weeks we´ve really tried to work more with members of the church. Fortunately, if we schedule everything well enough, a member will willingly go with us to visit any family in need. We also have some young men who do splits with us every once in a while, helping us get twice as much done in a small amount of time!

We have about three married couples who really help missionary work move forward here in San Nicolás, as well. They give us a few referalls every once in a while, go out along with us when possible, and even encourage other members to work with us. Whenever one of them comes to the house of an investigator, the lesson always goes smoother, and the investigator can relate more with the city native than with us 20-year-old missionaries.

The members here become somewhat like our adopted family, especially since they cook and care for us! Wherever you are, after reading this message, try to think of how to help the missionaries serving within your current ward! When members offer a helping hand, the work speeds forward and we see rapid progress--both with less-active members and investigators! Active members too!

I am really tired due to the exhaustive workload this last week. I am really grateful to serve here in Argentina, and your friendly support always helps me keep going forward, step by step! Before we know it, I´ll be back home again in August. 

This afternoon I plan to write a few more letters. Thanks for all the prayers and mail. I love to open your cards and read about what´s going on up there!

Have a great week.

Elder Jones!

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