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Monday, April 22, 2013

Lunch Surprise and Hard Work

Hello Houston! We had a tough week, but everything is going well.

We worked hard, knocked on doors, and tried to find new people all week! Little by little, we are increasing our investigator pool. Basically, the entire week was dedicated to finding new investigators, and we have a lot of new families. Hopefully some of them will start progressing! Long story short, we spent many hours either in the street looking for new people or helping members within our area. We should have a pretty solid upcoming week!

Aside from the rigorous work, we had an interesting lunch. I´ve lived in Argentina for nearly 19 months now (crazy, huh) and thought I knew just about everything. I have general knowledge of the food, culture, traditions, missionary work, etc. Well, that is what I thought haha. 

So at lunch after church on Sunday, we went to eat with the RĂ­os family. They are from Bolivia, about 60 years old, and live in humble circumstances. As a great family in the ward, they always contribute what they can and willingly serve when called upon by the Bishop or other ward members!

She was making a stew, and I was almost positive that it was "Guiso," an Argentine mix of rice, noodles, and meat. Guess what? I was right. Well . . . not completely. haha. I was just about to dig in when I noticed some weird bumps on the meat, all mixed in with the potatoes and other sauces. I asked the memeber about it, and she said it was "a surprise," as a smile creeped up on her face. 

Man, that brought back a lot of memories from the beginning of my mission. After eating a few bites, I asked if it was rabbit, a less-common but still normal food here. She smiled and said, "no." I was just really confused. On my mission, I have eaten cow heart, intestine, kidney, but never this type of meat. I had tried horse two times but knew that wasn´t it, either. 

It was really squishy and juicy, covered with bumps and also kind of slimy. After a few more minutes, I foud out that it was COW TONGUE!! I had eaten half of a cow tongue without even realizing what it was! It is a delicacy and actually not that bad. Don´t worry, I´m not gonna come home and just start making cow tongue stew in my mom´s kitchen. haha. However, it actually wasn´t that bad :).

It was just an random, fun experience for me. You learn something new every day!

I hope you are all doing great. Thanks again for the mail!

Elder Jones

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