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Monday, June 10, 2013

Modern-Day Pioneers

The mission has changed my perspective of life. It´s been a long journey, a learning experience, and it´s still not over! I believe that each of us keeps moving onward. We are modern-day pioneers.

Here in Concecpión del Uruguay, for example, I have seen some extremely dedicated members. These people sacrifice their time and render service to the church. They are definitely modern-day pioneers. This small little branch could be compared to a handcart company. We work and strive to press forward, serving in our different callings and positions. We might not be as strong as others, but we keep striving to move forward.

I believe that each of us is a modern-day pioneer, to an extent. Just like the pioneers of old, we can accomplish amazing goals over time.

The Pioneer

Step by step, little by little,
Moves a Pioneer.
He has no doubts weighing him down,
His Savior is near.

His progress cannot be denied,
Each and every year,
As he follows the Prophet´s voice,
His modern-day seer.

His family gathered around him,
The loved ones so dear,
Will strive to keep moving forward,
With hearts of good cheer.

When the hardship comes upon him,
He might shed a tear,
But later he continues on,
With no signs of fear.

He always has his goal in mind,
From which he´ll never veer,
As he listens to the Spirit,
With a careful ear.

Step by step, little by little,
Moves a pioneer.
He has no doubts weighing him down,
His Savior is near.

Thanks for everything you guys do for me. I hope you have a great week. Keep trekking onward!!!

Elder Jones

Editor's Note- here are some Q&A from Elder Jones:

1.      So how big is your Zone and where do the Zone Leaders reside?
Our zone is pretty huge, with 18 missionaries! The Zone leaders work in a city called Concordia, which is like a three-hour bus ride from Concepción del Uruguay, my current location. We had a zone meeting this last week, so I had some long bus rides :)

2.      Is the Branch President the only active Melchizedek Priesthood?
The Branch President definitely carries a big load. We have some other active Melchizedek Pristhood holders, but there aren´t very many. Despite the small numbers, everything seems to function rather well. We help a lot as the missionaries. This past Sunday, I taught Priesthood with the help of my companion, and then I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting.

3. You back to doing your own laundry?  
Yep. Yep. And Yep. We wash by hand. In both San Nicolás and here, we have been on our own with the laundry. I guess it is a good experience and makes us appreciate washing machines and dryers. Anyone reading this can try to handwash all of their clothes in a bucket this week and then hang them up on a line if they want the experience. Then you could say that you feel like Elder Jones haha.

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