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Monday, June 24, 2013

More Interesting Facts!

We watched a movie with two other companionships today, and I will write a few quick notes right now before doing groceries. 

  • Two Sundays ago, I presided and my companion directed Sacrament Meeting because the Branch President´s wife was sick. That was the first time I´ve presided in a meeting!
  • Sometimes Elder Thorn and I walk and give the Sacrament to members in their home on Sundays. 
  • This past Sunday we had around 20 people in Sacrament meeting, an increase from the roughly 10 people last week!
  • Elder Thorn and I are trying to work with the members, but it can be tough sometimes since there are few. 
  • I admire the faith of some members in this city, as well as in Argentina in general. Even though the church struggles in some aspects, we can see small miracles and progress as we work together.
Maybe I will write more next week, but I appreciate all you guys have done for me. I invite the people reading this message to pray for missionary opportunities.

Have a great week!

Elder Jones

Editor's Note: additional Q&A from Elder Jones

1.      So how is the exercise program going?  Are you able to run or jump rope at all?
I exercised today a little bit in the morning, using some weights. It was very minimal, but still something. I can´t jump rope due to fans inside our apartment as well as little space. Maybe one morning we will go to a nearby park, but it is usually really cold in our apartment and also outside in the mornings. We bought an electric heater and a metal stand that gives us more options to hang up wet clothes to dry. The heater can heat up one of the rooms in our apartment quite well if we turn it on, but we can´t use too much electricity since the light bill will eventually come!
2.      How has the luggage held up with all the transfers?  Are they really stuffed the last couple of times?
They have held up pretty well. Transfers can be tough! I have collected some souvenirs!
3.      Do they have scale in the office to weigh your luggage before you go to the airport?
I think they have a spring scale, or at least they did when I was in the offices!
4.      On your flight plans, do you bus to Buenos Aires or do you catch a flight from Rosario to Buenos Aires?
We should take a van to Buenos Aires, and then I think it is all flights from there!
5. Were you able to watch the missionary broadcast last night. Does your small branch have a satellite?
Yes, we watched the Spanish translation last night in the church. Some other Elders came from Colón, a nearby city, since they don´t have a satellite system there. It seems like missionary work keeps growing on a global scale, and the work is incredible. Was it in the Marriott Center?
6. Are you fed lunch every day by members or is it hit and miss since the branch is very small?
We have a handful of lunches each week. When we don´t eat with members, Elder Thorn and I usually cook some simple food in our apartment. I have eaten a lot of rice lately. haha. I really enjoy eating with members sometimes, especially since the quality of food is generally better and we can get to know them during the visit.
7.  Tell us about Elder Thorn?  What does he like to do and how's his Spanish speaking experience?
He really likes to juggle, is from California, and his brother was in my zone at the MTC. Small world sometimes, huh? His high school only had around 400 students in total, and his graduating class had 93 students. A little different than my high school experience, isn´t it? He already knew some Spanish from the MTC and from serving in the states temporarily, and he is improving during his time here. I´m still improving little by little too. There are still many small concepts and part of the language unknown to me.

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