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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

English School Presentation and Other Facts!

Here is some quick information!

Private English SchoolElder Thorn and I did a Q&A at a private English school this past Thursday. There were less than 20 people there, but it was fun to see them practice their English. Some of them actually seem to understand a decent amount! It can be hard to learn a language, and I enjoyed seeing them practice! The two teachers seem to understand extremely well, and maybe one of them will start listening to the missionary lessons! We will maybe do it again with another group of students here within the next couple of weeks.

Other Facts
- I´m in my last transfer! I´ve already finished 15, if i´m not mistaken! Plus all the time spent in the MTC.
- We had a cleaning day yesterday. Elder Thorn and I cleaned for a SUPER long time, but now our apartment looks good!
- There is a less-active member who owns a restaurant close to the church. He gives us food sometimes during the week, usually on Monday! 
- I have lost maybe around 10 pounds since my arrival. Maybe it is from stress because I´ve haven´t really been dieting or anything. Maybe my scale isn´t very accurate, but hey, no complaints!

I will keep learning and pushing these last few weeks.

Have a good 4th of July, everyone!!


Elder Jones

Some Q&A from Elder Jones:

Weekly Questions…
1.      A bunch of new sisters coming to the mission this transfer?
I honestly know only little about the transfers. Elder Thorn and I are somewhat isolated, so that can make it tough. I think many missionaries, both elders and sisters, are waiting for their visas!
2.      Have you been near the border?  Is there major security between Argentina and Uruguay?
Elder Thorn and I saw the border while walking one day! Across the river we could see part of Uruguay. I think that with  an ID number or something, a person may transfer without problems between Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and maybe a few other countries. Maybe I could ask our Branch President. He is from Uruguay!
3.      How is the church building?  Do branches in small cities (like you are in) have small, simple buildings?
It´s nice and small. Definitely considerably smaller than ours back home. We had roughly 20 people last Sunday, so we don´t need tons of room. There is also a nice, small soccer field!

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