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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

District Travels

Editor's Note: Elder Jones's sister was a little sick yesterday but is feeling much better. Sorry for the delay! :) Here's his weekly update: 

This week, I will take some bus trips! We have a zone meeting tomorrow in Concordia. Then on Wednesday, I have a leader´s meeting in Paraná since I´ve been called as District Leader this last transfer. After the meeting in Paraná, I´ll travel back to Concordia to get my companion. Then we will both travel back to Concepción del Uruguay, our current area. A total of roughly 16 hours on buses!!!!!
In other words, we will probably leave tomorrow morning and maybe not return until Wednesday night or Thursday!
Hopefully the meetings are good!

Elder Jones!

Questions of the week…
1.      Have you received any DearElders recently? It's been awhile since you have commented on any of them.
It´s maybe been around a month. I should get some tomorrow finally!

2.      Tell us about moving into new apartments, since you have such good experience with that!  Do you have to purchase everything or do you sometimes receive donations from the local members?
I have had to move twice in my mission. Coming here was also my third whitewash! A whitewash is when two missionaries go and replace the other companionship. So Elder Thorn and I took some time to learn the streets and get to know some of the members. Though tough at times, a whitewash provides the opportunity to start from scratch and see small miracles after hard work!
When we came here for the whitewash, we had to buy a new fridge and heater. The general process is as follows:
  • Missionaries gather together three price options (or more) and send them to the offices by phone or maybe email
  • The prices get approved and money is sent to a missionary´s visa card
  • The missionary goes and buys the appliance
There are maybe other small steps to the procedure, but that´s the general idea.

3.      How are your member lunches scheduled?  Do they pass around a calendar or schedule with you directly?
Here we basically eat with the same members on the same day of each week. However, it depends on the area. In San Nicolás, there was a calendar where people signed up to have lunch or dinner with us!

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