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Monday, July 29, 2013

Working with the Members!

Wow, Elder Thorn and I taught six lessons with members present this past week! Even though we are small in numbers on Sunday (around 20 people), we can still work together and have success!

One of the days, my companion went with the Branch President, and I went with another member to visit some people! When multiple people work together, we can really accomplish more. Though more planning is sometimes involved, it is definitely worth it! 

We also have three new baptismal dates from this past week, and maybe one of them will get baptized before I leave! Time will tell.

I am so grateful for the help we have received from the members. The food, the ideas of people we can visit, etc. Obviously these members have lived in the city longer than us, so we can use their knowledge to help us work more effectively!

Not only can the members help with the teaching during the lessons, but later on they can help the investigators when they go to church.

This coming week, we will see if we can work with the members even more! We have a goal of 12 lessons taught to investigators with members present. We will see what happens!

Thanks for all of your support. I will only have one more entry for the blog, and my mission is coming to a close. I have gone through many experiences and have lived in six cities here in Argentina!! Wahoo.

I will see so many people in August when I come home! 

Have a great week,

Elder Jones

1.      How does it work receiving mail and dearelders?  If it is a zone conf, do the zone leaders just distribute to everyone or do they hand them to district leaders and they pass on, etc?

It´s kinda complicated, but here is a brief overview: 
  • it arrives at the mission home
  • it stays in the librarian´s office until the zone leaders go to the mission home
  • the zone leaders take it with them, along wiht other mail and pamphlets, etc.
  • when we have a zone meeting, they should bring the mail and distribute it. 
So depending on when the dearelder arrives at the mission home, I could maybe get it rather quick. But if it arrives right after the zone leaders go to the mission home, it could be quite a while. The zone leaders go to the mission home about once every four weeks. If you send any more dearelders, I probably won´t get them here in ConcepciĆ³n. I will maybe be able to read the last few ones on the plane home! When I go to the mission home to go home, I could probably pick up mail one last time :) 

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