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Monday, January 21, 2013

Cultural Note

Alright, I have very little time since I had to look up classes and start planning my sophomore year of college today. Time sure flies, huh? President gave me permission to look through the website and everything, but he doesn´t want me spending all day here on the computer (obviously haha). I don´t want my companion to have to wait on me forever, either. So that´s why this week´s message might seem a bit short!

Cultural Note. 
Facturas (Fack--two--rahs). That´s roughly how you say it in English, though the pronunciation has its own twist to it. Anyways, these special facturas are incredible! I´ve eaten them every once in a while throughout my entire mission. Similar to a donut, these facturas are eaten for breakfast throughout the country. In my opinion, they taste great, and they only cost about one or two pesos each, which is about 25 cents in America! They are kinda like donut holes. There you go! That´s probably the best translation. They also have many different flavors here, and my favorite are the brown sugar cakes. You will have to look them up on google images to get a better idea. 

In my current apartment, we have a neighbor who sells these facturas to people in the neighborhood so they don´t have to go all the way out to the main roads. Elder Lemon and I will buy two or three every once in a while for our breakfast. It´s fast, easy, and cheap. In other words, it works perfectly for us as missionaries.

If you come on down to Argentina, you better try one to get the Dunkin´ Donuts experience, Argentine style haha.

Thanks so much for your letters and everything. I hope you all are doing great. 

Elder Jones

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