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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sick. Sick. Sick.

Hey, guys! I hope you are all doing well. I had an interesting week full of meetings and special mission councils. Also, on top of everything, I had an upset stomach towards the end of the week, which felt terrible. :( So I will try to fill you guys in briefly on both the mission council and my upset stomach adventure.

Mission Council. Alright, so once a month the mission offices hold a mission council, in which all of the zone leaders travel to Rosario. During the meeting, they all discuss ideas and talk about how the zones are doing in the mission. The meeting lasts about four hours, and we cover many topics. This time I was the zone leader instead of the office staff worker, which felt really weird haha. I didn´t have to set up tables, help with lunch, or set up slide shows on the computer. This time I just participated in the meeting! We dedicated most of the time to talking about our purpose as missionaries and the required obedience for success. We also talked about how to better work with the ward and Bishoprics, especially since about 50% don´t function properly within our mission. In two areas of the mission, a missionary serves as branch president since nobody within the boundaries is capable of filling the position. Pretty crazy, huh?

Overall, the meeting went well. I enjoyed the lunch too!

Upset stomach. Getting sick is never fun, but getting sick in a foreign country is even worse. On Friday night I came home to our apartment after a long day of work and just went to bed. I felt terrible and had a 100-degree fever! My appetite was completely gone, and the super hot weather definitely didn´t help out at all. The next day, we had to call Sister Giuliani, who helped us get some special medicine. I took a few pepto tablets and basically slept ALL DAY. I haven´t felt that sick in a long, long time. The last time was in Santa Fe, which was more than a year ago. Just to sum everything up, I threw up three times, had bad experiences in the bathroom, and had a fever for about a day and a half. Elder Lemon laughed at me a little bit, but I don´t blame him. It was pretty funny :).

But enough about that. Overall, we had a pretty solid week. I will have more to say next time, since I dedicated about half of my time to uploading and sending pictures this week.

We are doing great, and go cougs! haha. I just had to say that since winter term just started up again. One more semester, and then I´ll be back on campus! Wahoo!

Take care,

Elder Jones

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