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Monday, January 7, 2013

Hey from San Nicolás

Guys, I am doing absolutely great. Incredibly busy too! We all played soccer as a zone today, and then Elder Lemon and I needed to send a bunch of reports to the mission offices. We have mission council this week with all of the zone leaders on Wednesday. So yep, we have to travel to Rosario again, but it´s all good. The buses are comfy :). We have to send in many types of statistic averages like stake statistics, ward statistics, updated forms on the recent converts, and even more info about our zone. Luckily, I´m already familiar with the forms and everything since I was historian. It is just weird being on the other end of everything, though. This time, I am the one sending all the forms to the historian and bibliotecario (mission librarian). Kinda cool, huh?

Bascially, long story short, I am SUPER BUSY. Plus it is Elder Lemon´s last transfer, so I have to learn everything about the whole zone in just one transfer. It is taking us over an hour to send everything to the offices, and I know the historian is really busy filing away all the data and sending it off to Buenos Aires. I used to do the same thing every week just a few months ago! haha. I also had to write a detailed report to president about the whole zone and how it´s doing. 

But guess what? My area is four times as big as my last one, which totally rocks! We serve with the ward Barrio Oeste, which means "West Ward" in English. We are also in charge of a little branch that resides in a town close by the main city. It is called La Emilia, and we work there every Friday. We also go to help on some Sundays! It is like a 20 minute bus ride to get into town. There it is really small. It is about the size of BYU Campus, and maybe a little smaller. Look it up online if you can! It is a small square, about 10 blocks by 10 blocks! So crazy.

I will talk all about the zone and my area next week, since we don´t have time today. Luckily, all these statistical reports only need to be done once a month. So the other pdays, I will have more time to write to you guys.

I will send a bunch of pictures next week too! I have some good Christmas ones!

I hope you are all doing great.

Elder Jones!

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