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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Saturday´s Baptism, Transfers, and My Testimony

We had a baptism last Saturday in La Emilia, the small little branch close to our city! It went extremely well, and it was a great way to draw the transfer to a close. We also recently received the transfer list. Guess what? I have been called to train for my last two transfers (12 weeks) in another city called Concepción del Uruguay. I will pick up my new companion tomorrow, and we will just have to hit the ground running in our new surroundings. We both will just start from scratch, hoping for the best. We will have to see how it goes, and I will probably have a ton of information next week about everything.

Hey, I decided to write my testimony of missionary work as part of my weekly letter, so here it is:

I know that missionary work is tough and rewarding. I believe that the missionaries receive many blessings--temporal and spiritual--while serving the church for two years. In Argentina we gain experience, learn a new language, strengthen our scriptural knowledge, meet tons of people, and learn to work diligently. I also know that the investigators and converts might benefit even more than us, as they strive to live the gospel and apply its teachings. I know that each new member of the church has taken upon new responsibilities, many of which require work and effort. I also know that the blessings that come into these people´s lives are worth the price from such work and effort.

I believe in revelation, however small or insignificant it might be. I know that our leaders, both within and outside the mission, receive divine instruction before making some of their decisions. I believe that all my areas and companions have formed and shaped my mission for purposes known and unknown to me.

I hope that we can all participate more in missionary work. Members and missionaries work together to have success. It´s the Lord´s work. It´s a constant process. It´s a part of our lives. Let´s all be better missionaries.

Thanks for your support and help,

Elder Jones :)

Editor's Note...  A Few more comments from Elder Jones

And I hope you guys are doing great!

GUESSSS WHATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my package yesterday, and it IS BOSS!  I´ve already made two packages of noodles! They tasted great! I love the shavers, the tie too. I can´t wait to throw the football. Maybe we will use it today, but i don´t think there will be time!

I also enjoyed reading the messages inside the box, and I will make the brownie mix soon!

It was a really great package. It also had my other shoe!! Wahoo. I will start using them tomorrow, when I go off to train! Yeahh!!!

Thank you so much. I don´t have much more time cuz i wana take a nap, but thanks for everything guys.  I really appreciate it.
Elder Jones' Birthday on May 17
Before the Baptism in La Emilia

Elder Brasher and Elder Jones 

Elder Jones on a Cold, Foggy Day
Elder Jones and Elder Brasher Playing Tennis on P-Day

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